iPad Kiosk Rentals

Cost Effective Kiosks

With simple touch screen interfaces, iPads make perfect kiosks. They are sleek and non-intrusive due to their small size. Instead of a traditional computer based kiosk, iPad kiosks are more affordable and easier to set up. iPads have built in mics, cams, keyboards, speakers, and touch screens, so they eliminate the need for the standard kiosk, unless you require significant performance.

Rates & Pricing

iPads for Events

The Perfect Event Tablet

The iPad is the perfect table solution for thousands of tasks that happen every day at events, large and small, all across the country. From it's beautiful web interface to it crystal clear retina display the iPad is among the most versatile technology tools ever created!

The iPad is affordable, simple, and elegant. Trust us when we say your event will be all the more professional, successful, and enjoyable, when it includes iPad rentals from Rent Our iPads!

iPad Kiosk Rental Rates

What Does It Cost To Rent An iPad Kiosk?

iPad kiosk rental rates can vary based on several factors such as quantity, length of the rental, model, configuration, availability, and finally, location.

That being said we offer iPad kiosk rentals for about $225 (that includes both the iPad and the kiosk) for an event lasting up to a week.

As always be sure to reserve large orders as much in advance of your event as possible and be sure to ask about quantity discounts!